performers: Sylvia Lajbig / Dominik Złotkowski / Piotr Węgrzyński
music: Mirosław Matyasik
visuals: Piotr Węgrzyński
technical help: Maciej Dziaczko
Concentration camp installation, revealing the mechanisms of human nature and exploring the way in which the "good" and "evil" in people can be changed via actions and circumstances. FLESH CAMP is a metaphor of concentration camp, but it's not intended to refer to the historical meaning of the term. It's about a place where specialised practice is performed. Here all features that identify a human body (the look, the clothes, the haircut, the name) pose a problem to the camp operators. They use their victims' bodies to expose them to a variety of tests: a selection of an apt "material", destruction of personality, experiments with technical substances, induction of electrical impulses by means of the needles stuck into the body etc. In FLESH CAMP cruelty and violence are becoming a dangerous virus, symbolised by black liquid infecting people during a process of humiliation.