SUKA OFF is a Poland based artist collective existing since 1995.
They have been creating work across visual theatre, performance art,
club action, installation, photography, video art and music visuals.
Their work has been presented in theatres, art galleries, clubs and festivals
in most European countries, as well as in Canada, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Japan.
They remain completely independent and not supported by any public institution due to the character and content of their work.

The members of SUKA OFF are Piotr Wegrzynski (founder, visual artist, performer) and Sylvia Lajbig (classical philologist, performer).

The recurring themes of SUKA OFF art are:

- human carnality in all its biological and physiological aspects
- the attempt to redefine the gender by blurring the individual attributes / sexual codes culturally arrogated to the male and female
- redefinition of classical myths and philosophical ideas and translating them into modern visual language
- the search of alternative and radical forms of communication based on
the connection between the living human body and electronic devices

SUKA OFF is also available for workshops, lectures and artist talks.  

photos: Cyril Costilhes